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We Stand for Regeneration

Jenny French Shah

22 Jul 2022

In Autumn 2021 Davines colaborated with the Rodale Institute which has been at the forefront of regenerative organic research, training and education since 1947.

Davines Village now has a 10-hectare site where scientists, farmers and staff work together to bring the values of regenerative organic farming into the world of beauty products. They are learning to grow their ingredients in a way that doesn’t deplete the soil which means the land may be used again. Regenerative organic farming avoids the use of pesticides, incorporating high standards for soil health, animal welfare and farmworker fairness.

We Stand is the first product Davines have produced using ingredients farmed in this way. This limited edition hair and body wash celebrates the great partnership between Davines and the Rodale Institute. The product is formulated with Barbera Grape Pomace extract, a byproduct of the winemaking process that was upcycled and the first ingredient cultivated using this soil friendly agricultural practice.

We're proud at Yours Truly to share the values of the Davines brand, as always doing all we can to protect our planet and the things we love.

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