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Trees Please

Jenny French Shah

6 Oct 2022

Trees for Climate, Nature and people. How planting trees is a huge opportunity to create a happy healthy future for our planet and it's people.

We all know the physical and well being benefits of being amongst trees. Whether it's a wood a forest or the local park, trees never fail to make us smile. Trees are also an incredible resource with the power to help tackle the climate crisis by storing carbon in living trees and improving soils. As you know at Yours Truly we are passionate about the environemnt working in close partnership with Davines who are fully pledged to carbon neutral and soil regeneration.

With prominent recognition of the role of forests in achieving net zero carbon emissions, and widespread public support for tree planting, there is a huge opportunity for UK forestry in the coming decades. To optimise the benefits for the climate, nature and for people, a new vision is needed for regenerative forestry. Here are a couple of good articles from organisations helping to create this vision for the future.

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