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Best Veg Box

Kelly Hill

6 Jul 2022

We've done our research and Riverford come out tops for their Organic credentials. All their veg carries the Soil Association logo, an expert third party stamp of approval. Like our partner Davines they are also a B Corp.

Everything they grow, make, and sell is organic. It’s better for the planet, for wildlife, for animal welfare – and for us.

As part of their plan to reach Net Zero emissions, all their vans will be electric by 2025. In some areas, they deliver to you by bike!

They follow strict ethical rules for sourcing - from always paying fellow farmers fairly, to never using air freight or palm oil.

We love receiving their box every week knowing that we've 'ethically' done our bit to protect the planet!*vxmzxr*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE2NjA3MzQ5MTkuRUFJYUlRb2JDaE1JeGI2czFOX04tUUlWU29CUUJoMWhQdzBLRUFBWUFTQUFFZ0oxWF9EX0J3RQ..

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